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Last update April 28th 2016

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In 2011 Juliana Estevez had the idea to found the NPEJ with the psychologists Constance Bettencourt, David Rafael e Pedro Mendes. Having worked in the field of trainning since 2004, when she launched the first Edition of the Certificate Program for Beginners in the Psychology of CG Jung in Portugal, she acquires a steady group-alliance giving birth to a new stage with a broader outreach.

Since then, the Portuguese Center of Jungian Studies had more than 300 students and provided hundreds of hours of qualified teaching. It brought its programs to a larger audience from the north to the south of Portugal, organized workshops, gave several lectures in different places, invited foreign and portuguese teachers, launched an event in CCB with professor and reknown author Murray Stein, expanded live training to an online medium, created groundbreaking tools of human development, boosted its offer of psychotherapeutic treatment, edited an official magazine and assembled a mail order catalogue with the Collected Works of CG Jung, having collaborated as well with the portuguese Boom Festival and Lusófona University in Lisbon.


The Center has the aim to deepen the studies about the life and the work of Carl Gustav Jung, so it can teach the principles, concepts, methods and goals of the model of  Analytic Psychology" (post and neo-jungian) since its inception until present days, following up its theoric evolution and its implementation on the several domains of human knowledge.

It also has in mind to promote the initiative of portuguese and foreign jungians in Portugal, as to assimilate the contributes of analytic psychology in the Portuguese panorama of psychology, contributing to the devellopment of the contemporary transpersonal paradigm in the fields of teaching, psychotherapy, studies and research.


We've uploaded the NPEJ channel in youtube with exclusive material, where it stands out our video with more visualizations (the first open class of the 9th Edition of the Certificate Program for beginners in CG Jung) and Juliana's Estevez's talks in english for an international audience about the theme of Animus and Anima and the dynamics of Love and Relationships (talk l and talk II). Throughout 2016 the channel will welcome excerpts of past classes in a audio format (in portuguese).

In support of our classes, we have broadned our offer through the platform named Jung Young created by Constance Bettencourt, where you will find a mail order with the Collected Works of CG Jung amongst other authors post and neo-jungian, assuring the distribution of the books to a broader audience and academic researchers in several fields (the catalogue is in Portuguese, but we intend to distribute books in english as well)
Juliana Estevez and Constance Bettencourt were invited by to teach the 3rd unit of the Open Program of "Western Esotericism" in the optional chair of the MA in Science of the Religions at Lusófona University in Lisbon, ALCHEMY OF THE SOUL - INTRODUCTION TO THE PSYCHOLOGY OF CARL GUSTAV JUNG. 

We couldn't close 2015 without announcing the honorable colaboration of NPEJ in the 1st International Luso Congress on Western Esotericism at Lusófona University, held in Lisbon in 7-10 of May 2016, where we are responsible for one of the thematic symposiums with the subject "Modern man in search of the Soul" - The participation in the jungian symposium was opened to researchers, psychologists with jungian orientation and analysts (for further info contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

And last but not least, the official facebook of NPEJ it's finally online, so all likes are welcome (in due time a version in english will appear)


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